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mardi 12 novembre 2013

Valéria Nascimento - ELEMENTS

"Elements" 14th Nov 2013 (preview) - 4th Jan 2014

La galerie Woolff présente, pour la deuxième année,  les nouvelles œuvres de l'artiste brésilien de renommée internationale Valéria Nascimento. Inspirée par la nature son travail de porcelaine est remarquable.  Raffinement et fragilité!
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Following ceramic artist Valéria Nascimento’s hugely successful solo shows in 2009 and 2011, the Woolff Gallery is delighted to present her long-awaited, third solo exhibition, ‘Elements’.
Valéria Nascimento was born in Brazil (1962) and spent her childhood on a farm, giving rise to an affection and fascination with natural forms that inspires her elegant, whisper-thin ceramics.
Initially trained as an architect, Nascimento instead became fascinated by ceramics. She worked as a ceramic artist in Brazil through the 1990s, then moved to London in 1999. She has been represented by the Woolff Gallery since 2007. Nascimento’s architectural training reappears through repetitive sequences and structures where tiny individual pieces are repeated into larger scale works ultimately resembling coral reefs, sea anemones, flowers, blossoms, leaves, petals, or pods.
“Nature, fragility, weightlessness and repetition are all key elements that inspire me to explore and shape the porcelain with spontaneity, creating new organic forms inspired by the natural world. I am fascinated by the concept of multiples and the possibilities that it offers me to work with an extensive range of scale. ‘Elements’ is a collection of works that developed from found fragments of nature. The concept of ‘Multiples’, helps to explore an extensive range of scale to create organic compositions”.
‘Elements’ is another outstanding collection of artworks from Valéria Nascimento, the exhibition will commence with a preview at the Woolff Gallery on Thursday 14th November 2013.

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